Born in November 1967, Stephen Dabrowski showed an early interest in and understanding of art.

As a young man he developed a keen sense of drawing, photography, and poetry getting published by the age of 17 and selling some of his photography.

His family traveled extensively as the result of being at part of the U.S. military. This exposed Stephen to many environments and cultures. At 19 years old, Stephen attended the European Branch of the University of Maryland and made the dean’s list for the first two years, he then went on to study art and various techniques on his own.

Stephen traveled through-out Europe; going to all of the museums and exhibits he could to study the masters and new modern works. He sold his oil paintings to finance his exploits of Europe. After the collapse of the Berlin wall and the ruining economy Stephen returned to America in 1993.

In his 26th year, he joined the army to get out and travel more. In the service Stephen studied communications. The experience he garnered added something he didn’t expect; “More confidence and focus on my art”, Stephen said. He was assigned to a base in Korea and then Arizona where he was exposed to Asian and American Indian architecture, poetry, paintings and culture which gave him some insight into his own self.

Stephen had an emotion emerge that left him feeling “disconnected” from his inner self at times and from those around him. His paintings became the interpretation of his disconnection.

In 2006 Stephen Dabrowski took up the art medium called “glass fusion”. He worked with this new passion the same way he approached his paintings; Object and space are equally important. Hide color and shape as if to make the piece constantly evolving. No two persons would see the same thing in the piece. Use color, shadow and lines to give expression and get the viewer to think.
Stephen now resides in Ranburne, Alabama where he is a full time artist living on his ranch.